Calcio: Italian Football
Espresso: To express coffee under high pressure
United at last, we present to you: ‘Calciospresso’!

In this weekly podcast, join lifelong Fiorentina fan, Alessandro, and long-suffering Udinese fan, Adrian, for a caffè as they discuss all things Serie A, Serie B, and in-between.

Round Nine: Put Out Your Percolator

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Round Eight: Pistols at Dusk

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Round Six & Seven: Eau de Whittle

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Round Five: Insigne-rita, I Feel for You

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Round Four: You Spit To Me?!

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Round Three: Disarm Piatek

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The Calciospresso Team


The brains, the brawn, the beard… the bean-counter.

Team: Udinese
Coffee Order: Long black
Amaro of choice: Vic Bitter (VB)


The voice of an angel, and a nose perfect for radio.

Team: Fiorentina
Coffee Order: Americano
Amaro of choice: Tagliatella


The man behind the camera / human laugh track.

Team: Fiorentina
Coffee Order: Espresso
Amaro of choice: Montenegro


Don’t have time to sit down and watch us? You can alwasy listen each week via the follwing sites.

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